LIFE is working with and for:

  1. Disadvantaged communities, especially women and children living in remote and rural areas throughout Vietnam.
  2. Migrants and mobile workers living in big cities with industrial zones and
  3. People infected or affected by HIV/AIDS.

LIFE Centre designs and implements community health, empowerment programs and corporate social responsibility / worker support programs as well as providing technical assistance consultancies to other international and local organizations/companies. In partnership with both local government, mass organisations and other Vietnamese NGOs, LIFE provides HIV related prevention, care and support programs to various vulnerable and most-at-risk populations including people living with HIV (PLHIV) especially women and children infected and affected by HIV, female and male sex workers, men who have sex with men, mobile and migrant populations. LIFE trained and worked with HIV, reproductive/sexual health and social service providers to provide non-stigmatizing and gender-responsive services to the targeted populations. Referral to need-based health and social services has always been an integral project activity, achieved through a network of community-based outreach workers and mentors recruited and trained by LIFE.

Currently, LIFE is working in 29 out of 64 provinces of Vietnam with major programs in 11 provinces and cities.