Project Name: Empowered Workers, Stronger Business – Currently on Phase 7

Donor : Levi Strauss Foundation

Time Frame: 01/12/2013- 01/12/2015

Project Location: Tan Phu District, Thu Duc District, and District 12 in HCMC

Program goal: The program is aimed to ensure sustainable implementation of worker rights in the workplace and to enhance the wellbeing of workers and family by building synergies of company’s and community’s resources.

Program specific objectives: 
OBJECTIVE 1: Developing a sustainability plan and providing technical resource/assistance for garment companies to sustain and advance workers’ rights in the workplace.
OBJECTIVE 2: Increasing workers’ awareness of and maximizing opportunities to exercise usage of available financial services to build their financial assets.
OBJECTIVE 3: Building linkage and synergies among company and community resources to empower workers in enhancing their health and social assets.

Project major activities: Commenced since 2008, the LSF program has been virtually implemented through three stages with objectives as follows:

  • Stage one (2008-2010): Improve supervisory skills for supervisors and improve communication among workers & supervisors
  • Stage two (2011-2012): Strengthen capacity of suppliers, Trade Union, managers and workers to creatively and effectively exercise worker’s rights and responsibilities in their workplace: Train supervisors on VN Labor Law and other workers rights and responsibilities; Supervisors train workers on above contents; encourage workers to send solutions for improving workplace through “One situation per month” activity; Produce labor related materials à make factory regulations easier to understand and remember.
  • Stage three (2013- till now): Improve workers’ wellbeing: Health training, Health talks, Personal development skills training, Personal financial management, Use of internet banking, Social events to reinforce communicated messages with educational-entertainment methods


Key results:

10,900 workers trained and received information related to health, law, workplace communication promotion

160 workers (as project collaborators) trained on communication skills, life skills, knowledge of basic health and law

8 clinic staffs trained on communication and health consultation skills

170 top, mid and low level managers trained on supervisory skills

32 trained as trainers on labor rights, workplace communication

1,260 workers trained on labor rights by factory trainers

Good practices:

LIFE implemented a successful project, funded by Levi Strauss, in the two garment factories Viet Hung and Viet Thinh, with purpose to provide expanded support for legal, health, livelihood and life skills programming in the two factories. Through participation in the project by factory managers and employees, employees’ awareness about their rights and responsibilities at the workplace increased with around 90%(View success story 1, p. 2).

The main key to the success of the project was edutainment; by engagement of employees in joyful activities, provided with good quality information and support from experts, employees also gained life skills like; better communication skills and understanding for how to manage economy and time wisely (Successful story 3, p. 1-3). Another outcome of the project was increased trust from employees towards the factory management with decreased dissatisfaction (View success story 1, p. 2-3, successful story 3, p. 3).

Even the social competence among the employees improved with more understanding of others, easier to solve disputes both at work and home, and more self-confidence in interaction with the factory management to discuss issues and take initiative in their work.

Through engagement of the factory management and some of the employees in the management of project implementation, and with provision of good quality material, they also gained skills in how to continue many of the project activities independently (View success story 2, p. 2,3 &4) (View success story 4, p. 1-3).

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