The Worker Support and Business Sustainability Program implemented by LIFE have positively impacted the lives of thousands of workers in the garment and footwear industries.

LIFE has conducted various needs assessment on supervisory skills, workers’ rights and responsibilities, health and workplace policy support and job satisfaction surveys. Based on those assessments’ results, LIFE, together with company leaders and workers’ representing body, developed training and communication programs to address needs and issues to support top managers, supervisors, clinic staff and workers to work in the workplace effectively and in harmony.

Since 2008, LIFE Centre has reached 37,000 workers in 19 garment and footwear factories. Worker support-Business sustainability projects implemented by LIFE Centre include: + “Health Enables Returns (HER)” Project to provide health information and improve health education and counseling in the workplace for women workers, funded by Ann Inc., Clarks, Columbia, Li and Fung, Marks and Spencer, New Look, Talbots, The Children’s Place, Timberland through Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) (October 2008 – now) + “Empowered Workers, Stronger Business” Program which aims to enhance the quality of life of garment factory workers and their community through sustainable labor practices and advancing worker rights, funded by Levi Strauss Foundation (January 2011 – now) + “A Friendlier Environment for All” Project aiming to enhance knowledge and compliance to labor standards, laws and codes of conduct for workers and managers; improve supervisory skills for managers who have direct contact with workers; create a two-way and constructive communication between managers and workers; and increase knowledge and skills of factory clinic staff and workers on gender sensitive reproductive and sexual health care, funded Levi Strauss Foundation (January 2008 – July 2011) + “Improved Workplace Relationships, Enhanced Productivity” Project aiming to build trust between workers and management to achieve harmonious relationships towards enhanced productivity, funded by Top of the World, USA and PNG, Korea (March 2011– June 2014).

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