Community Organization LIFE Centre

The Centre for Promotion of
Quality of Life


Facilitating the community network in order to implement 2 major roles: counseling, testing and delivering outreached HIV service packages and analyzing the climate change risks/affections to promote sustainable livelihood.


Assessment, consultation and implementation the policy and activities to address the occupational-reproductive-sexual healthcare needs, rights and responsibilities of the bossiness owners and their workers.


Easy assess the opened resources library for community: categorized knowledge base, training materials and updated information of the following areas: healthcare, HIV/AIDS, personal and organizational development.

About us

We are to
improve life

LIFE Centre is a civil-socio organisation in non-profit sector, pioneer in HIV Prevention and Reproductive-Sexual Health Protection Program as well as capability building in personal/organizational development for vulnerable individuals and communities.


Training Lay-test

Training of HIV testing knowledge in lay-test technique for community experts Master Trainer, including teaching activities, discussions, role-playing and educational games.

Time: September 1, 2019
Location: LIFE Center Office
Address: 140, No. 7, Trung Son Residence, Binh Chanh district, HCMC, Vietnam


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