Community Organization LIFE Centre

Centre for Promotion of
Quality of Life


Facilitating the communitie networks to implement 2 major roles: outreached HIV services package (conseling, testing and refering to the treatment program) and analysing the climate change risks/affections to promote the local innitatives for sustainable livelihood.


Assessment, cousulation and implementation the policy and activities to address the occupational-reproductive-sexual healthcare needs, rights and responsibilities of the bussiness owners and their workers.


To promote the community as well as their partners easier assess the opened resources library, we systemized and devided the available acknowlege, training materials and udated information into the areas: healthcare, HIV/AIDS, perssonal and organizational development.

About us

We are to
improve life

LIFE Centre is a civil-socio organization in non-profit sector, who are the pioneer in HIV Prevention and Reproductive-Sexual Health Protection Program as well as capacity building in personal/organizational development skills for vulnerable people and communities.


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