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Founder & Director

Nguyen Nguyen Nhu Trang, MPH.

Ms. Trang has an indepth of experience in public health and HIV/AIDS programming over the past 20 years, and her close ties with relevant government, non-government and civil society organizations. Ms. Trang places gender-sensitivity, meaningful participation of affected populations, and social responsibility at the heart of every activity.

Achievements: Ms. Trang has a depth of experience in public health and HIV/AIDS programming over the past 20 years, and her close ties with relevant government, non-government and civil society organizations. Ms. Trang has designed and managed various sexual health education including HIV/AIDS prevention, community and grassroots women resilience building projects and worker development program under LIFE and while she was working with CARE (1994-2003) and the Global Alliance for Workers and Community imitative (GA) of the International Youth Foundation (2004). Ms. Trang obtained her Master’s degree in Public Health in the Netherlands in 1999.

Vision: Ms. Trang places gender-sensitivity, meaningful participation of affected populations, and social responsibility at the heart of every activity.

Value: She always plays at the role model to promote the attitude: “Happily busy as always!”


Co-founder – Deputy Director – Technical & Quality Control

Hang Thi Xuan Lan, MD.

Dr. Lan has extensive experience in technical assistance, intervention strategy development, monitoring and evaluation. Dr. Lan is currently the Project Director for “The Global Fund for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Project” (under Civil Society Strengthening/VUSTA Component). Ds. Lan is also the one who initially set the assertiveness steps and innovations for LIFE Center.

Achievements: Doctor Hang Thi Xuan Lan has worked as Deputy Chief in HIV/AIDS Control Center in Danang City for 5 years.
Worked at CARE for 3 years, Dr. Lan has accumulated extensive experience in technical assistance, developed organization strategies, monitoring and evaluation in improving health and community development projects. Currently, she is Project Director of the Global Fund for HIV/AIDS Control (VUSTA), and Technical Advisor for all projects funded by USAID.

Vision: Dr. Lan has built audacious steps, and strategies for community development programs. Thanks to innovative ideas and breakthrough changes, she has marked the impressive achievements in the 10-year development journey of LIFE Center.

Value: Dr. Lan is always willing to learn new ideas and have a wide range of vision in different fields, thereby improve the effectiveness of organization programs to catch up with times, as well as use resources efficiently.


Deputy Director – Operations

Tran Ngoc Lina, M.Ac.

Specialized in Accounting and Finance with the advantage of considerable experience in the areas of business management. Her ambition is building an effective operating organization, which is able to solve health problems of vulnerable people and communities. She develops strategies to build capacity for staffs as well as forming strong bond between staffs toward achieving organization’s common mission.

Achievements: Ms. Tran Ngoc Lina acquired qualification in Accounting and Finance and took responsibilities for business management positions for 7 years. In 2015, Ms. Lina joined the LIFE Center as Accounting and Human Resources Manager. After 6 years of working with great contributions to LIFE, she was assigned as Deputy Director, being in charge of Finance Budget and Grants Management; HR management and service Administration.

Vision: Lina prioritizes to build an effective operating organization, which can solve the health problems of vulnerable communities. Lina emphasized her role in establishing an organizational culture focusing on key population performance and services, and ensuring efficient operation processes, transparency and cost effectiveness.

Value: With the motto “The most valuable asset of a business is personnel”, Lina always emphasizes on the development of human resources as well as team nbuilding to create united strength and achieve greater impacts.


Finance Manager

Truong Hong Ngoc

Specialized in finance and accounting at the Faculty of Economics – VNU – HCM, along with many years of experience in the field of auditing and accounting management. She always upholds the responsibility for financial management efficiency in Life Center activities. Ms. Ngoc believes that the responsibility, accountability respect are the crucial factors to achieve glorious achievements of the organization.

Achievements: Ms. Truong Hong Ngoc major in finance and accounting at the Faculty of Economics – Ho Chi Minh City National University. HCM (the University of Economics Law at present). She had 2-year experience in auditing and 8-year experience in financial and accounting management. Therefore, Ms. Ngoc has accumulated a lot of experience in social organization activities, as well as financial and accounting regulations of Vietnamese Laws and Donors.

Vision: Ms. Ngoc always appreciates the responsibility of efficient financial managing in LIFE Center activities. This is because when an organization enhances transparency, financial disclosure, it can certainly attract funding for projects supporting vulnerable community.

Value: Ms. Ngoc believes that when the whole team is responsible, respectful and cooportative, it will achieve great stature. Therefore, Ms. Ngoc as well as the financial sector of LIFE always operate with the motto “success is a process, not a destination”.

Our staffs

We are a big family

LIFE is a big family of dedicated members who have high commitment for the development of community. Each member comes from different fields of expertise and backgrounds, like tight pieces of a diverse and colorful canvas contributing to the success of IFE’s mission


Supporting & Creating


Program Coordinator

Tran Van Anh Phuong


Program Manager

Le Bich Phong


Program Manager

Nguyen Thi Lan


Communication Manager

Nguyen Quoc Gia


M&E Officer

Nguyen Cong Hau


Project Accountant

La Thi Kim Lan


Project Accountant

Nguyen Kim Hoang


Project Officer

Nguyen Huy Khoa


Project Officer

Dang Thi Hương Xuan


Project Officer

Pham Thi Minh Nguyet

nghi 2

Project Officer

Duong Thi Hong Nghi


Project Officer

Vo Thi My Ngoan


Project Officer

Truong Ngoc Huong


Project Officer

Le Thi Ai Loan


Project Accountant

Nguyen Thi Quynh Nhu


Admin Officer

Truong Thi Nhung


Project Officer

Nguyen Thi Thanh Tram


Project Officer

Dao Nhat Minh


Project Officer

Dang Dieu Thach Thao


Project Officer

Le Thi My Hanh


Project Accountant

Tran Thi Thanh Thao

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