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Since February, the COVID-19 situation in Vietnam has become more and more complicated, leading to social isolation in April. Since then, the project faced difficulties such as: customers and outreach workers went back to their hometown, customers stopped going to hotspots, lack of personal protective equipment, and health facilities were overwhelmed with COVID-91 prevention.

Fig. HIV / AIDS prevention services provided by LIFE in coordination with CBOs, in response to COVID-19

Therefore, CBOs creatively switch to remote and online working methods, from organizational management to project implementation. In addition, CBOs also use the Zalo (Vietnamese smartphone application for social media) to support and consult customers on emotional health, immune health as well as ensure customers can always access the HIV services.

The results were outstanding in Ho Chi Minh City and Dong Nai during the social distancing period in April: 8 livestreams, 2,825 customers were reached and consulted via online channels; 18 customers were transferred to confirmation testing at local health facilities in customer hometowns; on behalf of 433 customers to receive and ship ARV and PrEP drugs.



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