Why I became a leader

Actually, it came naturally! When I saw things or ways that need to be changed to be better, I felt the need to take the lead and drive the changing process. The belief in me to get things better and to help people to feel stronger, to live a quality life is so strong that I not only feel motivated myself but also urged to ‘set fire’ to other people around me.

What obstacles I faced

I became leader when I was in my late twenties. For me, it has been quite challenging being a young and unmarried woman in the leading role, as compared to older and/or married colleagues, or those with seniority. Facilitating discussions and obtaining consensus among older and senior team members had also been hard when I – the team lead – was judged by my age rather than by my competence.

Ms. Nguyen Nguyen Nhu Trang, director of LIFE Centre was invited to discuss with Canada ambassdor about gender equality in Vietnam

Why is gender equality important to me?

Gender equality is so important to me and applied not only for women but also for men. It is unfair and unprofessional when we are judged by our age, marital status rather than our expertise. Gender inequality is dangerous when we misjudged people and possibly lose competent people for a particular job. We should be, no, ‘must’ be, appraised, remunerated and recognized for our contribution regardless we are men, women or transgender persons. Only when we enjoy gender equality, we can contribute our talents, devoting energies and committed to performing our work to the fullest.

LIFE Centre Director (second from right) while attending “Master trainers” course

My top advice for girls and young women aspiring to leadership positions.

I would love all of us, girls and young women, to get ourselves well educated. We only feel confident when knowing what we’re talking about, right? We also need to be bold to speak up. So ladies, dare to share your thoughts, ideas and even counter-arguments! Whatever you believe is right, do it with your full mind and whole heart. You will have “followers”! Find and form your allies and you will be able to generate collective strengths to drive your (in plural forms) cause together. Do not become a lonely leader, do you!


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