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During the implementation of HIV / AIDS prevention programs, the network of community-based organizations (CBO) with the goal to raise awareness, reduce stigma and promote of preventive services provided by CBO. Realizing that communication content and delivery via Facebook needs to be improved to become more engaging with customers. Therefore, CBOs have applied livestreaming to interact directly with customers, to expand customer reach and better support in HIV / AIDS prevention and treatment.

Communication on Fan page should always be creative to keep up with the latest trends and tastes of customers. Meanwhile, the knowledge of HIV / AIDS prevention often trails with repeated content and images. MSM, TG, IDU and FSW clients are often get bored easily while reading long articles. Facebook posts also do not receive much interaction from customers because of the fear of discrimination from customers who do not want their friends to recognize.

Buổi livestream cùng Miss Rainbow về chủ đề “K=K” không phát hiện không lây nhiễm

Since then, CBOs have applied the livestream technique, which is a form of simultaneously interactive video clips with customers. Livestream is a popular trend nowadays and well received by the target clients. CBO deliver the HIV/AIDS prevention knowledge using a diverse combination of entertainment, talk show and games with the collaboration with experts and celebrities of the community. Customers who view the livestream can ask questions and receive instant advice from the host and guests during the livestream.

Livestream chung kết Miss Rainbow 2019

The livestream on the Facebook Fan page helps CBOs to attract a large number of customers to follow. Customers can learn new knowledge as well as find sympathy from the members within the community. Well prepared Livestream is well received, shared and created spillover effects to reach more customers. The livestream can be edited into short videos for later teaching materials, Fan page or YouTube posts.

Livestream chủ đề “Sống vui sống khỏe cùng K=K”

CBOs continue to use live streaming together with communication events to reach customers at high risk of HIV infection, contributing to Vietnam’s HIV / AIDS prevention goals.

15/11/2019, CBO The Gate viết, Nguyễn Quỳnh Anh chỉnh sửa




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