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LIFE Centre is on the mission to promote the quality of life for the vulnerbale communities, who are always be maginalized in society, due to their lack of information assessibility, social discrimination, gender and sexual-based stigma or their personal difficulty conditions. Our misssion is in cooperation with other civil-social orginizations, community-based organization, private sector and gorverment institutions, via the activities of resources mobilization and partnership strengthening.

We understand the communities and build a sustainable community ecosystem of great stature, creating a strong impacts to society.

Respect for diversity because only differences make diversity and innovation. In this way, we always follow the commitments of our partners, adapt flexible changes over time and affirm the value of a “sustainable community ecosystem”.

Integration – Development in response to the current globalization context, conveying the organization’s own mission: “Improving the quality of life” to implement the global message “Better Health for all” with the potential of “sustainable community ecosystem”.

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In the 10-year development journey and the experience of working major partners such as USAID Vietnam, Global Fund and Levi Strauss Foundation, LIFE believes in the strength of solidarity and unity. In particular, the values ​​that LIFE has built to contribute the breakthrough achievements.

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